Only love can break your heart

volonte fotografo milanoWhen you were young
and on your own
How did it feel
to be alone?
I was always thinking
of games that I was playing.
Trying to make
the best of my time.
But only love
can break your heart
Try to be sure
right from the start
Yes only love
can break your heart
What if your world
should fall apart?
I have a friend
I’ve never seen
He hides his head
inside a dream
Someone should call him
and see if he can come out.
Try to lose
the down that he’s found…
_ Neil Young (Only love can break your heart, excerpt) _

Image info:
“Only love can break your heart”
Milano, Italy, Oct. 2012
© Massimo S. Volonté


8 thoughts on “Only love can break your heart

  1. Oh heavens, your photo and this song…tears. I lost my one and only child two years ago..and yes the love of a mother in unconditional…and his death indeed has broken my heart. Photography, the blog and playing a flute keeps me going. I have said before , so often your photos touch my heart and reach my soul. xx

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