Faces #012


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“Faces #012”
Milano, Italy, Jan. 2016
© Massimo S. Volonté


volonte' fotografo milanoDreamers
They never learn
They never learn
Beyond the point
Of no return
Of no return
And it’s too late
The damage is done
The damage is done
This goes
Beyond me
Beyond you
The white room
By a window
Where the sun comes
We are
Just happy to serve
Just happy to serve
Efil ym fo flaH…
_ Radiohead (Daydreaming) _

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Italy, 2016
© Massimo S. Volonté

City Sickness – 358

volonte fotografo milano

“City Sickness No. 358”
Milano, Italy, March 2016
© Massimo S. Volonté

Beautiful catastrophe #019

volonte' fotografo milano

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“Beautiful catastrophe #019”
Milano, Italy, Aug. 2016
© Massimo S. Volonté


volonté fotografo milanoHow can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing?
How can I go forward when I don’t know which way to turn?
How can I go forward into something I’m not sure of?
Oh no, oh no
How can I have feeling when I don’t know if it’s a feeling?
How can I feel something if I just don’t know how to feel?
How can I have feelings when my feelings have always been denied?
Oh no, oh no
You know life can be long
And you got to be so strong
And the world is so tough
Sometimes I feel I’ve had enough
How can I give love when I don’t know what it is I’m giving?
How can I give love when I just don’t know how to give?
How can I give love when love is something I ain’t never had?
Oh no, oh no…
_ John Lennon (How?, excerpt) _

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Milano, Italy, Dec. 2013
© Massimo S. Volonté

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