I missed again

volonte fotografo milanoSo you finally came right out and said it girl
What took you so long
It was in your eyes, that look’s been there for too long
I’m waiting in line
Would you say if I was wasting my time
Or did I miss again
I think I missed again oh
I think about it from time to time
When I’m lonely and on my own
I try to forget and yet, still rush to the telephone
I’m waiting in line
Would you say if I was wasting my time
Or did I miss again
I think I missed again oh
Or did I miss again
I think I missed again oh
Well it feels like something you want so bad
Then you think you’ve got it, but it’s something you already had
You can feel it all around you, but it’s something you just can’t touch
And I feel it coming at me
I can feel it coming at me…
_ Phil Collins (I missed again, excerpt) _

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“I missed again”
Italy, Oct. 2014
© Massimo S. Volonté


City Sickness – 413

volonte fotografo milano

“City Sickness No. 413”
Land of confusion, Oct. 2014
© Massimo S. Volonté

Nightmare no. 110

Volonte fotografo milanoProvocative materials for thoughts
Only cash
Little secrets, big lies
Summer kisses, winter tears
Lost on this side of my borders
This moment is already gone
In everlasting memories
I’ve been putting aside, as a stack of logs, a bunch of dreams
Like those logs, all reveries will end up in flames and smoke
Alone on the sidewalk of the city of nothingness
Disrupted loves, abandonements, old open wounds,
unsolved questions, regrets and mistakes
My rage in a cage
Burn out face
My face, scarred, ugly, forgotten
All the time
Speed, more speed
The Moore law
We want more, and more
Tiny tears disappearing from the face of the Universe
Mysterious travellers
Without destinations
My faults are my borders

Materiale provocante per riflessioni
Solo contante
Piccoli segreti, grandi bugie
Baci d’estate, lacrime d’inverno
Perduto da questa parte dei miei limiti
Questo attimo è già passato
In memorie che dureranno per sempre
Ho messo da parte, come ceppi di legno, un po di sogni
Come quei ceppi, tutti i sogni finiranno in fiamme e fumo
Solo sul marciapiede della città del nulla
Amori dissolti, abbandoni, vecchie ferite aperte,
problemi irrisolti, rimorsi ed errori
La mia rabbia in gabbia
La faccia illeggibile
La mia faccia, sfregiata, orrenda, dimenticata
Velocità, più velocità
La legge di Moore
Vogliamo di più, di più
Piccole lacrime evaporano dalla faccia dell’Universo
Viaggiatori misteriosi
Senza destinazione
Le mie colpe sono i miei limiti
_ Hugh S. Graves _

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“Nightmare no. 110”
In the Land of confusion, Oct. 2017
© Massimo S. Volonté

Beautiful catastrophe #062

volonte fotografo milano

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“Beautiful catastrophe #062”
Italy, Oct. 2015
© Massimo S. Volonté

City Sickness – 412

volonte fotografo milano

“City Sickness No. 412”
Milano, Italy, Jan. 2018
© Massimo S. Volonté

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