Photography i’s part of myself since I was 8.
I still remember my first picture taken.
Photography is my way of surviving these nowadays,
I try to comprehend what’s going on around me through my viewfinder.

Once Mr. Roberto Greco said about me:
“He began his career by photographing people in bars, first secretly, then asking for permission.
He has heard many confessions, he made a few friends and has learned to see even in low light. And this for a photographer can make a difference.”

Photographic projects at short or at long term are my attempt to tell stories. Portraiture, fashion photography, live performances photo coverage, wedding reportage, photography publications, exhibitions.
Fine-art prints for collectors are available via contact form.
A selection of my images is available at the London (UK) based agency Millennium Images.


For more informations and professional services,
please have a look at my other site Massimo S. Volonté Photographer


43 thoughts on “About

  1. Your images are so personal and involved, but still keep the voyeuristic quality that I like about street photography. I look forward to following your work.

  2. I am going through your blog… and there is so much good photography! I wish there was a big LIKE button… I really like your work, your thoughts and the symbolism. I’ll be back to see more here in your blog.

    • Hey, what can I say? First of all I have to thank you so much, for your kind words and for the time you dedicated to my work. Believe me, I really appreciate this and it’s so damn important to me, especially in this moment.
      Of course I hope you’ll continue to follow my blog. From my side I repeat what I wrote on your pages, I love your work as much as you love mine, so I’ll follow you back without any doubt!
      Thanks again Malin, you’re so kind.

      • Good to hear that you appreciate it, and when I see good photography I need to say it too. I will continue following you, I’m not the knd of person who follows and them click unfollow. I have a lot of people that follow me and then they suddenly don’t. Don’t know why…

        Thanks to you for your kind words and wish you a great day.


        • Malin, thanks again for your kind attention, I’m sure we’ll continue to follow each other…
          Don’t care about people that do this and then that, there’re many strange things going on in the net… So, who cares?
          I think you have many things to say, go on for it on your way, I surely will follow you.
          Have a nice day you too.


  3. Max, thank you for liking my weddings page! It is definitely a compliment – graze mille! If you ever need a second in UK or Italy or anywhere in the world, let me know – it would be my pleasure! Regina

    • And I thank you in return Regina for your kind consideration.
      I’ll keep in mind you in case of need, I dream to have a wedding service in UK!
      Take care.

  4. Thanks Max. Delighted to have found your eye catching blog. Looking forward to lots of exploration. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (give it a spin).

  5. Max- enjoy your images and writing. Well done. I bumped into your images on RFF in the M9 thread. Renting A M9 tomorrow through Monday… coming from M6/M5 & B&W film I want to make sure that my images do not become too sterile/perfect….. keep up the good work!

  6. You know the art of putting Emptiness and Completeness, both in one picture. And its rare.
    Hats off to you for that.

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