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Waiting for the sun - A girl seating on a bench in the city center with sun going down

Waiting for the sun

City sickness 190

City Sickness – 190

Back to normality - A man is walking by in a shadow

Back to normality

- Gravel on the lake bank

I’m overcoming gravity

City sickness 188 - Enlightened sign and man walking

City Sickness – 188

Dream 61 - Girl with naked shoulder in a bar

Dream LXI

Am I really sinking this low? - An airplane wing seen from the cabin window

Am I really sinking this low?

City sickness 187 - Cityscapes of buildings and TV antennas

City Sickness – 187

What a lovely deception you are my soul - Blurred figure of a woman

What a lovely deception you are my soul

Dream 59 - Blurred vision of city buildings at night

Dream LIX


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