Nightmare no. 98

Volonte' fotografo milanoYou, walking down alone the sidewalk of the city of nothingness
You, young girl with pale white skin and blue eyes
You, little child with a machine gun in hand
You, bastard seated in the buttons room
And you, who have let my hand
You, who are staring at me from the other side of the mirror
You, pretending to be dead, being dead on the water surface
You, sinking in an half empty glass at the bar counter
You, dancing alone like there’s no tomorrow
And you, who now condemn your children to a future seclusion in the golden castle
You, with your heart beating without love
You, who don’t know that freedom is like air
You, who have worked hard every single day of your life in lairs of hell
You, who have gave up dreaming
And you, sweet baby girl never born
You, who go through life without seeing
You, black cat that asks for nothing
You, who’re the shadow of myself
You, who have lost everything but who still have a lot
And you, who jump with closed eyes
You, who drive in the dark night
You, pilot of this gone crazy spaceship
You, lost in a scale of grays
You, who know what’s good, what’s evil
And you, who lay down by the river bank in the morning fog
You, who have left me too early
You, who are fleeing from where the rainbow ends
You, who face the ocean of loneliness everyday
You, who raise walls against your horizon
And you, who still have an hammer and a sickle
You, who have waited all life for someone or something
You, riding a wild beautiful horse
You, forced nomad from the south, from the east
You, who donate your musical marvelous notes to the dumb of us in the underground labyrinths
And you, with one exposed wound and thousand incurable inside
You, who kiss with eyes wide open
You, who believe to own the truth
You, who have put your life into my hands for a while
You, who stand up gazing at the stars all nite long
How’s your luck?
_ Hugh S. Graves _

Image info:
“Nightmare no. 98”
Somewhere under a rainbow, Jan. 2017
© Massimo S. Volonté


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