Compulsion and error

Volontè fotografo milano…(We) were growing up together, she was a part of me and, sure, I was a part of her, too. We loved each other. It was our destiny. I believed in it then myself. But now I don’t know what to believe in. I’m not complaining, simply stating a fact. I’m down to nothing. And I have to go on like this. No destiny. Just the next thing meaning whatever you think it does. Compulsion and error, just like everybody else.

…crescevamo insieme, lei era parte di me e, certo, anch’io ero parte di lei. Ci amavamo. Era veramente il nostro destino. Ci credevo anch’io. Ma ora non so più in cosa credere. Non mi sto mica lamentando, sto semplicemente dicendo le cose come stanno. Sono ridotto a zero. E devo andare avanti così. Senza destino. Solo la prossima cosa che mi capita, e che significa qualsiasi cosa pensi che significhi. Mi tocca andare avanti per impulsi ed errori, come tutti, del resto.
_ Raymond Carver (from “Menudo”) _

Image info:
“Compulsion and error”
Italy, Nov. 2016
© Massimo S. Volonté


13 thoughts on “Compulsion and error

  1. Super photo for these words…I do understand how shocked you can feel when something that was ‘your world’ loses it interest..a sense of loss that has to be mended some way or another, …another phase of life has to kick in and that can take a while before it is filled up again with another strong interest. For me , besides photography it is the making of music that is such a powerful and healing force. Thank you for yet another super post. xxx

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