The moving instant

volonte' fotografo milano
…The clock ticked. The moving instant which, according to Sir Isaac Newton, separates the infinite past from the infinite future advanced inexorably through the dimension of time. Or, if Aristotle was right, a little more of the possible was every instant made real; the present stood still and drew into itself the future…

…ticchettio dell’orologio. L’istante mobile, che secondo Newton separa il passato infinito dal futuro infinto, avanzava inesorabilmente nella dimensione del tempo. Oppure, per dirla con Aristotele, a ogni istante un’altra piccola parte del possibile diventa reale; il presente rimaneva immobile e attirava dentro di sé il futuro…
_ Aldous Huxley (from Point counter point, 1928) _

Image info:
“The moving instant”
Milano, Italy, June 2013
© Massimo S. Volonté

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