The ultimate goal

volonte fotografo milano
“Knowledge is a function of being (…)
and the ultimate goal of every human being
is to discover this fact alone,
find out who he really is.”

“La conoscenza è una funzione dell’essere (…)
e il fine ultimo di ogni essere umano
è scoprire da solo questo fatto,
trovare chi veramente egli sia.”
_Aldus Huxley_

Photo info:
“The ultimate goal”
Milano, Italy, July 2008
© Massimo S. Volonté


7 thoughts on “The ultimate goal

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  2. Yes, the ultimate goal…, we start this quest very young, at least some of us do, but, I am not sure yet, if I have found the answer. For all we know there may be more than one answer, all as valid as each other You can dig deeper and deeper and ultimately…who knows! Super photo to go with this post too.

      • Yes, the trouble is that others may not agree with my discovery…and my answer to the ultimate question. I presume it is disturbing but the only thing that truly matters is how you see yourself and are at Peace with that. Hmmm Fleeting, Philosophic moment!

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