Le Voyage

“…La fronte in fiamme, un’alba,
noi lasciamo la sponda,
col cuore colmo di voglie e di rancori amari,
e culliamo, seguendo il respiro dell’onda,
l’infinito che è in noi sul finito dei mari…”

“…Un matin nous partons, le cerveau plein de flamme,
Le coeur gros de rancune et de désirs amers,
Et nous allons, suivant le rythme de la lame,
Berçant notre infini sur le fini des mers…”
_Charles Baudelaire (The Voyage, excerpt)_

Photo info:
“Le Voyage”
Pismo beach pier, CA, USA, August 1994
© Massimo S. Volonté

Photo Friday this week’s challenge: 
- First light –


4 thoughts on “Le Voyage

  1. Your photo explains and suggests the meaning of the the poem quite well; searching everywhere across the seas to only meet ourselves again, looking for that which cannot be found. The human condition is such that we like to think somewhere else is better..and often it is not but of course equally it might be for some, certainly at present times….imo..if I understand the poem properly. It is all so true and pretty depressing.

    • Thank you for our attention Paula, always appreciated…
      Well, I’m sorry, I did not look for an english translation, but…
      This is a try…
      “…we leave the shore a morning, with the brain in flames,
      with heart full of rancor and bitter desires,
      and we rock, following the wave rhythm,
      the infinite in us over the finite of the sea..”

      • Thank you Max, I had tried to understand the meaning from the french (original) version,…Charles Baudelaire is not an easy to understand poet for a simple soul like mine, makes you think and wonder…rather like many of your photos , but…that is part of the attraction!

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