It’s a matter of fact

Lake of Lecco (Italy) viewed under a stormIt’s a matter of fact
Yesterday I was born into this world
Today I live in unsteady steps, my heart beats for you, my fingers sunk in the sand
Tomorrow I will die, leaving no memory, without having understood, it’s the only certainty
It’s a matter of fact
Dreams fade away in the morning
As the mist over the sea of the bay
Like the stars that lose the fight versus the light
It’s a matter of fact
I have shoes that are too big to walk down all this way long
I lost my hair
And I’m too thirsty for the cellar of these bars
It’s a matter of fact
The light is a catalyst for reactions
It writes in the film just an apparent reality
It shows the truth when it falls upon lies
It’s a matter of fact
These two silver rings
Have passed through the fire of your wound
They have few engraved words that remind me that we have all the dreams of the world inside us
It’s a matter of fact
Our impossible love
It will last forever
Blood from my stabbed heart doesn’t stop pouring, glacial
It’s a matter of fact
The mountains, although tall and massive, never touch the sky
The rivers, though as wide as a country and as long as continents, when they reach the sea are just tiny drops.
The number of tears is countless
It’s a matter of fact
The clouds are transient
The youth it is
And our sun, that lights up everything with life
Is just one of the millions of stars in the endless galaxies of this hypothetical universe
It’s a matter of fact
Gin and tonic is one third of gin and two thirds of tonic water
The water is a precious liquid
Air and freedom are the same thing
It’s a matter of fact
No tattoos on my skin
The breath is an autonomous process
But the soul is scarred
It’s a matter of fact
The rainbow has seven colors
Your eyes are their mirror
Your mouth its the source
It’s a matter of fact
We know the math to the infinite
We walked on the moon
We know nothing about ourselves
_ Hugh S. Graves _

Image info:
“It’s a matter of fact”
Lake of Lecco, Italy, March 2014
© Massimo S. Volonté

Photo Friday this week’s challenge: – Dusk –


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