Behind us in the road

A white stripe painted on the road concreteWhat were all those dreams we shared
those many years ago,
What were all those plans we made,
now left beside the road.
Behind us in the road.
More than friends, I always pledge,
cause friends, they come and go.
People change as does everything.
I wanted to grow old.
Just want to grow old.
Slide on next to me,
I’m just a human being.
I will take the blame, but just the same,
this is not me, you see, believe,
I’m better than this.
Don’t leave me so cold.
I’m buried beneath the stones,
I just want to hold on and know I’m worth your love,
and enough, I don’t think, there’s such a thing now…
_ Pearl Jam (The end, excerpt) _

Image info:
“Behind us in the road”
Milano, Italy, Feb. 2014
© Massimo S. Volonté

Photo Friday this week’s challenge: – Rough –


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