Falling from heaven

Falling from heavenOut on a boat I’m all alone
Out on the road I’m on my own
I see my life
Staring in the mirror
I’m throwing stones
Standing in front of the ocean
I see the waves they’re coming for me
All of my life
I tried to escape your love
All of my steps away
I tried to cover my tracks
Walking through hell in a daze
I count the graves
I search for my soul
Falling from heaven I’m losing my senses
Will you ever forgive me
I’m burning in flames
Holding you closely you whisper
you’re choking me
But I can’t let go
Standing beside you
this feeling is driving me insane
This love so dangerous
_Black Heart Procession (All my steps)_

Image info:
“Falling from heaven”
Milano, Italy, June 2013
© Massimo S. Volonté


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