Dream no. LII

Dream #52The open window
Sea poems in my ears
The television has been left on all night long,
repeating, in an obsessive way,
the video in which a man burns.
I had a dream
and I would like to be able to paint it.
In memory.
The spring seems to have arrived this year too.
But it’s still cold outside.
My heart beats slow.
Your absence.
My loneliness.
I know, I will not get up so early this morning.
I’m seeking a balance.
That’s impossible at this latitude.
Among my past lives.
In today’s life
and in those that I’ll live, perhaps.
The time leaves no time.
It continues to flow.
I think back to the dream.
A real shame, I can’t paint it.
_Hugh S. Graves_

Image info:
“Dream no. LII”
Sestri L., Italy, Jan. 2011
© Massimo S. Volonté


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