The fever-tree

The fever-treeThe fever-tree
I’m alone in front of a long row of bottles beyond the counter
I can hear an old Italian song
I do not understand what it says
But I think that speaks of a love,
a summer love, on a sea that can’t be larger
The fever-tree
I observe, observed
Two girls come into the vodka bar, I think they come from the song
It talks also of a hat
I tell myself that I have to go
The sidewalk is waiting for my step
And I know that I must seek answers
Maybe one day I’ll find some
The fever-tree
The two girls, are strangers, they have their eyes wide open and fill them with beauty
I am alone again, in the street, now
Among the ancient ruins
Time is a giant
I lose myself and I give up, here
The fever-treee
_Hugh S. Graves_

Image info:
“The fever-tree”
Santa Margherita L., Italy, Sep. 2012
© Massimo S. Volonté


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