City Sickness – 095

City Sickness 095

Image info: “City Sickness – 095”
Milano, Italy, Nov. 2012
© Massimo S. Volonté


5 thoughts on “City Sickness – 095

    • Unfortunately you are right…
      But, I’m working on this project, this series, I’m trying to depict what’s going on in the cities nowadays…
      Thanks a lot for your comment, really appreciated.
      And yes, love!
      Have a nice weekend you too.


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  2. This is such a great shot! It’s moving. Yes! there is sickness everywhere. This could be any town USA. I think one town can easily represent us all. I like your project here. I’m looking forward to seeing me.

    • Thank you Lisa for your nice words, I’m glad you like my project.
      I agree with you, it’s one aftermath of the globalization, it has brought to us this, I mean, among other aspects, we could be in the USA or in the old Europe but even in the big far east cities, and we won’t be able to see any strong differences but much more sickness…
      Hope something will change soon.
      Thanks again.

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