What I thought

What I thoughtContrary to what I thought, surprisingly, the light illuminates the floor of the room this morning
Yesterday, the sun seemed tired, the moon was out and no star was dancing
The people spoke but said nothing
Not even a smile
The green sign of the bar on the corner was also turned off
Yesterday, the streets were not leading anywhere, anymore
And the bare trees in the rain
I could not hear any music
The library was empty
Yesterday, I saw you through my tears, going away, faraway, destroying our eternal love
Contrary to what I thought.
_ Hugh S. Graves _

Image info:
“What I thought”
Milano, Italy, Oct. 2012
© Massimo S. Volonté


5 thoughts on “What I thought

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  2. There’s what Hugh S. Graves thought and there’s what I think. Now. About this shot. About this capture of a night instant. A dark street. A true instant of an obscure life. A true gem, Maxman. Yeah.

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