It’s late, but not too late

Wall clock for It's late…Mmm, yeah
The way you love me
Is the sweetest love around
But after all this time
The more I’m trying
The more I seem to let you down, yes
Now you tell me you’re leaving
And I just can’t believe it’s true
Oh, you know that I can love you
Though I know I can’t be true
Oh, you made me love you
Don’t tell me that we’re through
It’s late – mmm, and it’s driving me so mad
It’s late – yes I know, but don’t try and tell me that it’s
Too late – save our love you can’t turn out the light
So late – I’ve been wrong but I’ll learn to be right
It’s late – It’s late – It’s late
But not too late…
_Queen (It’s late, excerpt)_

Image info:
“It’s late, but not too late”
Milano, Italy, Aug. 1993
© Massimo S. Volonté


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