Nightmares: Dancing ghosts

“Specters are chasing me.
I run, but I can not leave them behind,
I am weak,
and nothing compared to these ghosts.
They don’t let me breath,
they feed themselves from inside me.
Taken an advantage from one,
a new torment work over me straightaway.
And they dance.
They dance a macabre dance around me…”

“Spettri m’inseguono.
Corro, ma non riesco a lasciarli indietro,
sono debole,
sono niente in confronto a questi fantasmi.
Non mi danno respiro,
da dentro me si alimentano.
Preso vantaggio dall’uno,
un nuovo tormento subito m’incalza.
E ballano.
Ballano una macabra danza intorno a me…”
_ Hugh S. Graves _

Image info:
“Nightmares: Dancing ghost”
Milano, Italy, July 2010
© Massimo S. Volonté


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